Refunds and Cancellations
Policies for Purchases, Refunds and Cancellations of Scoutek Products and Services

Scoutek Refunds and Cancellations

Last updated: February 7th 2018

These policies may be amended from time to time. The Refunds and Cancellations describe the policies that must be accepted prior to completing any purchase of any Scoutek product or service.


Products Purchased in our Store

Scoutek wishes to thank you for your business and we are confident you will be pleased with every product we offer. In the unlikely event your product is not performing as you would expect it to, you may return your item within 30 days of the date of purchase and you will receive a store credit for the full amount. All returned items must be in the original condition it was in when received, include all accessories which came with the item, in it's original packaging and must include a copy of the receipt.

Manufacturer Warranties

You may also contact the manufacturer directly about their return policies and/or warranty coverage.

Data Plans, Storage Plans, Memberships and Other Services

There are a number of underlying factors and costs to Scoutek associated with each Data Plan, Storage Plan, Membership and other services including but not limited to third party cost for data plans, network usage cost, cloud storage cost, credit card fees and more. In addition, Scoutek does not require a contract for services offered and Scoutek bills only one month in advance for monthly services. Scoutek does require a MINIMUM of one calendar month notice to terminate any automatic renewals of plans or services. This notice may be done by logging into your Scoutek account and following the link to the "My Account" page. From the My Account page members can locate the section which shows the plans or services and simply uncheck (turn off) the "Auto Renew" options for services they no longer wish to keep active.

For the reasons listed above Scoutek shall not offer any refunds for Line Fees, Data Plans, Storage Plans, Memberships or other services.


At the discretion of Scoutek, a $50 fee for each chargeback will be charged to the customer, in addition any cameras or devices whose service was part of the invoice being charged back shall be immediately deactivated.