Scoutek offers two types of camera services depending on the type of trail camera you have.

Scoutek Certified Cameras
This service involves Scoutek working directly with third party trail camera companies to help them build their own wireless cameras whose firmware is configured to communicate directly with Scoutek. For this service, Scoutek works with those camera companies to help test and certify the camera(s). This interface allows for two-way communication between the camera and Scoutek, thus enabling a feature-rich environment for it's users. This would include features such as changing camera settings, upgrading the cameras firmware, requesting HD photos, and more, directly from the Scoutek mobile app and website. This service offers the highest level of performance and features available in today's market. These types of cameras are activated directly through Scoutek, eliminating the need to visit third party websites or carrier providers to get your camera up and running. The carrier service used for the certified cameras are not tied to any mobile phone service you may have and does not require you use the same carrier as what you use for any mobile phones. For these cameras, pricing is based off of the combined data usage of all certified cameras. All of your camera's data usage is tracked and charted for you to monitor.

Scoutek Certified Camera Models
Render 4G by Exodus Outdoors Gear LLC
Email Service Cameras
Scoutek also provides a very unique service for any and all brands of wireless cameras that have the ability to transmit photos or videos to a designated email address. In this case you simply register the camera with Scoutek, and we will provide you with an email address to use with that camera. Once you program the camera to use the provided email address to send photos/videos to, setup is complete. Now, every photo or video taken by the camera will be automatically uploaded directly to Scoutek, which you can access with the mobile app or website. You are no longer required to navigate from email to email to locate and manage your photos, and will also have access to most of the other features you get with Scoutek, such as camera sharing, or advanced photo grouping and filtering, and more. These features will undoubtedly help you manage your photos and cameras more efficiently, saving you time. Any features that require Scoutek to communicate to the camera, such as changing camera settings from the mobile app are not included with this service. Those types of features require the camera's firmware to be configured to communicate with Scoutek, like all Scoutek Certified Cameras. Note for this type of service, the camera is NOT activated directly through Scoutek. You are still responsible for keeping the camera activated with your carrier for this service to work. For these types of cameras, pricing is based off the combined photo count uploaded by all of your email cameras at the end of the month. Videos count as 4 photos per second of video.

Email Service Camera Models
Cuddeback CuddeLink Cell by Cuddeback
Spartan GoCams by Frontier Pursuits Technology
Any Wireless Camera that can send photos/videos to an email address
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