Scoutek Wireless

When you purchase a Scoutek Certified Camera you have a one-stop-solution to get your camera up and running as fast as possible. No need to go to a third party or separate carrier site. You can activate the certified camera directly using the Scoutek Wireless celluar service. This will not be tied to any mobile phone service you may have and does not require you use the same carrier as what you use for any mobile phones. With Scoutek Wireless, no contract is ever required. There is a nominal monthly fee (Line Fee) for each camera you activate. Then just select one data plan that all of your Scoutek Wireless certified cameras will share the data from. This eliminates the concern about one camera getting a lot of activity while others have less.
  Line Fee/camera
Est. Photos*
 5 MB
 25 MB
 50 MB
 100 MB
 250 MB
 500 MB
 1 GB
 2 GB
 5 GB
 10 GB
 15 GB
 20 GB
 30 GB
 40 GB
The process is as simple as 1, 2, 3.
1. Sign In or Sign Up
2. Select a Data Plan.
3. Register and Activate one or more cameras.

Start receiving photos or videos from your camera.

Video requires more data than still photos, so keep this in mind when selecting your data plan.

* The size of an actual photo or video will vary depending on the colors in the frame, day or night as well as other factors. Scoutek and its partners help reduce the amount of data required by reducing the resolution of all photos prior to uploading. With Scoutek you can always request to upload the high resolution copy of photos if they still remain on the SD card. There is no additional charge for HD photos, however the size of the HD photo will count towards the data plan.

** The overage rate of 0.15 per MB applies to all data plans.

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Scoutek and it's partners are offering the latest in wireless technology by utilizing the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Network. This will provide you with the most reliable network, fastest speeds and the best coverage.
To check the coverage in the area you plan to put your cameras visit Verizon's coverage locator.

Scoutek Email Service

Pricing for Scoutek's Email Service is simple. Register as many camera's as you want. The price is based on the combined number of photos for all the email based cameras within a calendar month. Photos from Scoutek Wireless certified cameras are not counted towards the Email Service billable photo count. If a camera emails videos, then each second of video will count as 4 photos toward the billable photo count. Scoutek tracks and displays your billable photo count so you always know exactly how many you have.
The price is $4 for the first 1,000 photos. After the first 1,000 photos it is only $1 for each additional block of 1,000 photos.
First Block
Each Additional Block
Block = 1000 photos
Avg Photos/Month
Total Cost  
Go to our Services page to read more about the services we offer and compare features.