Scoutek offers a variety of data plans to fit your needs. With Scoutek, no contract is ever required. There is a nominal monthly fee (Line Fee) for each camera you activate. Then just select one data plan for your account that fits your needs. All cameras will share the data from the same plan so you don't have to worry about if one camera is more active than another.
  Line Fee/camera
Est. Photos*
 25 MB
 50 MB
 100 MB
 250 MB
 500 MB
 1 GB
 2 GB
 5 GB
The process is as simple as 1, 2, 3.
1. Sign In or Sign Up
2. Select a Data Plan.
3. Register and Activate one or more cameras.

Start receiving photos or videos from your camera.

Video requires more data than still photos, so keep this in mind when selecting your data plan.

* The size of an actual photo or video will vary depending on the colors in the frame, day or night as well as other factors. Scoutek and its partners help reduce the amount of data required by reducing the resolution of all photos prior to uploading. With Scoutek you can always request to upload the high resolution copy of photos if they still remain on the SD card. There is no additional charge for HD photos, however the size of the HD photo will count against the data plan.

** The overage rate of 0.15 per MB applies to all data plans.


Getting started couldn't be easier. Below is a brief outline of what you should do to get started.
If you do not have a Scoutek certified camera then you can purchase a camera from the Scoutek Outdoors Shopping Center.

1. Create a Scoutek account. Sign In or Sign Up
2. Register a camera.
3. Select a Data Plan and click Activate for one or more cameras.
4. Complete the Checkout process and you are now up and running.


Scoutek and it's partners are offering the latest in wireless technology by utilizing the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Network. This will provide you with the most reliable network, fastest speeds and the best coverage.
To check the coverage in the area you plan to put your cameras visit Verizon's coverage locator.