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Technology Features

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Advanced Photo Grouping and Filtering

Combine photos from multiple cameras to quickly see which cameras have the most recent activity, or pinpoint specific photos that apply to certain criteria, or both. The choice is yours.

Our Advanced photo grouping and filtering makes it quick and easy to sort through thousands of photos from multiple cameras and provides you with the information you need to make the most informed decisions possible.


  • View photos combined from multiple cameras
  • View photos grouped by Camera
  • View photos grouped by Location
  • View photos grouped by Area
  • View photos grouped by Tag
  • Create & Save custom photo filters using a combination of Cameras, Locations/Areas, Tags, Date Taken, & Media Type (Photos,Videos HD photos)
  • View photos by customized filters

Easy Camera Sharing and Management

Scoutek offers the ability for friends to share cameras with each other, allowing multiple users to view and manage shared cameras and their photos; the ideal scenario for managing leases, hunt clubs, or any large properties.


  • Share your cameras with your followers, and set their access level: either administrator or view only
  • Administrators of your cameras will be able to manage the cameras and photos just as the owner can (change camera settings, send camera commands, delete, download & tag photos, etc)
  • Users with view only access can only view the photos / videos and any camera info (battery level, last activity, etc), and will not be able to change camera settings, send commands, delete photos, etc
  • Administrators cannot share your cameras with other users, nor perform account actions such as change data plan, activate, deactivate, suspend or resume cameras
  • View / Change one follower's access to all of your cameras
  • View / Change one camera's access to all of your followers
  • Un-share cameras to remove cameras and photos for all users camera was un-shared with
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Real-Time Data through Notifications

Scoutek offers various real-time notifications that will keep you informed on what's going on in the woods. You also have the ability to customize your notifications to fit your needs. For each notification you can choose to turn it off, turn it on with no sound, or turn it on with sound; and you can set these values on a per camera basis for all notifications that apply. This allows you to receive only the notifications that are most relevant to you.


  • New Photo
  • New Photo Batch
  • New Video
  • New HD Photo
  • New Status Report
  • Low Battery Warning
  • Battery Too Low for Firmware Update
  • Data Overage Warning
  • Camera Status Change (inactive to active, etc)
  • Follow Request Approved
  • New Shared Camera
  • New Follow Request
  • New Follower

Quickest and Easiest Camera Activation on the Market

With Scoutek you can purchase, register, and activate a camera all from the mobile app or website. Our data plans keep things simple, allowing you to choose one plan for all of your cameras to share data from.


  • Automatic Camera Registration - To register, simply use your device's camera to capture and input your trail cameras's registration data
  • To activate, select a data plan, enter payment info, and checkout
  • Scoutek is your one stop shop to get up and running, no re-directing to third party websites or services
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Our Story

Scoutek proper noun
sounds like: scout-tec

Definition of Scoutek

1. Company built to constantly redefine the boundaries of scouting technology.

2. The most advanced wireless trail camera software on the market.

3. Provider of excellent wireless trail camera services and accessories, accompanied by a customer service department that is second to none.