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SCOUTEK is the leading scouting technology infused with today's best wireless trail and security cameras. We have produced a quality software solution built for all brands of cameras. With Scoutek, consumers will be able to combine the management of all their photos and Scoutek certified cameras using our website or mobile app. Enjoy the benefits of remote surveillance using the most advanced technology the market has to offer.

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Scoutek works with the wireless carriers, camera manufacturers and camera companies to help achieve a high-quality end product. With years of real world experience in this field, we understand the difficulties involved with developing a wireless camera, and offer professional consulting to help you produce your own branded wireless camera that works with our software. Our services are key in developing important hardware and firmware aspects of your product, which in turn leads to extended battery life, improved photo quality and many other important features. Scoutek can be your turn key solution.

Technology Development

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Scoutek is a flexible system designed to work with multiple brands of cameras, allowing the consumer to utilize our web portal and mobile app for all cameras that are part of the Scoutek community. Our consulting services will certify each camera to ensure it meets the quality standards required to join the Scoutek community.

Technology Features

  • Scoutek offers real-time notifications to closely monitor any location; and with our mobile app, you can view photos or videos from anywhere. Our advanced photo grouping and filtering can combine photos from multiple cameras, which will not allow any photo to be overlooked. Scoutek also offers the ability to command any camera to take a photo or video with the push of a button.

  • Easily locate friends and share your favorite photos and videos. With Scoutek, you can even share cameras with friends. This means they too can view all of your cameras’ photos, not allowing any photos to go unnoticed. Here at Scoutek, we also understand the importance of your privacy. That is why nothing will be shared without you first choosing to do so.

  • You can change camera settings, format SD card, or load firmware updates all remotely from the web portal or mobile app. In addition, you can monitor battery level, data usage, temperature and many other camera properties instantly on the go.

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We are a hub for the hunting and surveillance community; what better place to advertise your cameras? The traffic coming to Scoutek are people with the scouting mindset that will most likely be looking to purchase a camera or learn more about them.

Sales Channel

Scoutek can act as a sales channel for your cameras or accessories. Partner with us to have your camera placed in our online store.

Revenue Opportunities

Join the Scoutek community and take advantage of the opportunities to generate revenue for your company.

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